Thursday, January 31, 2008

untitled 19

untitled 18

untitled 17

untitled 16

untitled 15

untitled 14

untitled 13

yoshitomo nara's forget me not

based on character created by yoshitomo nara, i love how he painted his works and here i draw my favourite work of his my own way, with charcoal :p
i LOVE his work so much

untitled 12

untitled 11

untitled 10

untitled 9

untitled 8

untitled 7

untitled 6

untitled 5

a study work on drawing eye

untitled 4

untitled 3

this was made inspired by the illustration from the movie "great expectations"

untitled 2

sketched by dewiyanti yusuf and i just do the colouring

untitled 1

Fairy Pod in charcoal & water colour

based on "fairy pod" characters created by ivan handoyo