Saturday, May 31, 2008

James and kenny "the cats"

James the cat, caught from my bed room window, sleeping on my dirty laundry bin.
It was a cold morning huh james :p

Kenny the cat, just met him couple of days ago. He's been coming to eat james' leftover friskies.

Monday, May 26, 2008

And now, there are two again...

May 23rd, 08

Don't know where the **** is the other bird been gone all this time, but now it's back.
Well, not actually sure that it is the same bird though LOL.
ps : Those lovey dovey birds seem quite annoyed when i took these pics with flash :p

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Then there were two

Not sure since when but one day i notice there are two birds living on a gap between a pipe and the ceiling on the wall right beside the door of my room.
They always come back at the evening and left early in the morning, try to make it comfortable and call it home by building their tiny nest.

One afternoon I was stepping outside my room and see a little bird's egg cracked on the floor :(
it seems like the tiny thing that should be a new member of the lovebirds' family fell from the pipe before it had a chance to grow.
And about a week or so after that unfortunate incident, i notice that only 1 bird was sleeping there, a day gone by, still there were one, two days, three days until now :(
I wonder where the other one is?